Life Together

We've tried to put our lives together as a group of Christians in such a way so that we can understand:

    - How this love, joy and peace comes into our lives,

    - How God's gifts form our lives in purposeful friendships, and

    - How we can reach out and share this with others -- our "neighbors".

So, in very basic terms, what we focus on as Christians in our congregation can be stated as follows: 1) What comes in, 2) What goes out, 3) How and where it happens.

"What comes in" is, first of all, what comes from the Bible, God's "love letter"; it's what nurtures us, what frees us, what helps us apply love, joy and peace in our lives. We learn. We grow. We mature.

"What goes out" is what we can share. God's good gifts are meant for all. Certainly there are others who could use love, joy and peace.

"How and where it happens" is where we, together, see ourselves as "the wagon train", and encourage and assist one another on the journey.

Gathering together weekly is like the wagon train stopping and setting up camp so all can be fed, rested, treated and informed.  There are "trail reports" and "scouts" to be heard.  There is life to be faced and sustained.  Good news is always welcome.


We meet for worship each Sunday at 10:30 AM

And at 9:00 AM, we meet for time to consider what comes in, what goes out and how and where it happens.