Who We Are

Everybody believes something.  That's just part of being human.  We believe some things also.  We'd like to share the short version of what we believe on this website. 

Some years ago, a survey asked high-schoolers what they wanted in life.  After sifting through all the responses, the poll takers reported the three things these young people desired most were "love", "joy" and "peace".  That shouldn't be so surprising since these are, most likely, what we all really want.

When we "cut to the chase" or get to "the bottom line" of the Christian faith and life, these three gifts from God are what we find.  Learning how to apply them and share them is what we are all about.

None of us "have arrived". We are all "works in progress".  As we state on the home page, the Christian life is something like being on the Oregon Trail.  Sometimes the going was smooth.  Sometimes the terrain was difficult.  Sometimes there were tragedies and dangers.  There were surprises and struggles, pain mixed with pleasure.  That is how it was for those on the Trail, and that's how it is in our lives today, right now.  But the journey is a great, fulfilling adventure because "love", "joy" and "peace" accompany us all the way.  That's what we are learning "on the trail".